My big event

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I planned the first annual evening of the arts show for our school that just wrapped up last week... Here is the article I wrote for it

Fun night! Lots of work!

peer pressure

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Bargin basement sale on all old window collages... See flickr for more details. Should be in the seattle/ tacoma/ everett area... As these pieces are too heavy and fragile for affordable shipping. But will arrange a mid point meet up for anyone interested in purchasing these pieces.

Peer pressure is a smaller piece, about 2' going for the bargain of $100 this month only!

Spring..I love...spring

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The weather has been inspiring. I actually got to garden this past week. I had some time off during the day and that was good.
At artfest I made 5 dolls in less than that many hours, and sold 3 of them... Woot!

Business continues to slowly grow.. Too slowly sometimes, but at least growing. There are still annoying and costly challenges, but we survive.

Today at school I built my slab roller and started a clay bust of frida Kahlo I am excited. I hope it will be cool.


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I got to go to artfest for a DAY. which was great to have that little break and see everyone, make some art, even sell some art. fun. too short. but fun.

now I am on spring break but the whole thing really needs to be spent on dealing with restaurant paperwork and taxes...blah. I hope I can squeeze in some more art too, but not too hopeful.

Woot! vacation

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my vacation this year will involove doing a ton of work for the restaurant. but I am also going to try to do some exercise and art! we shall see....

Thank YOU

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Photo0524, originally uploaded by Charger's and Frankie's Mommy.

We had a valpac ad campaign come out on Wednesday and have seen a nice increase in business! Finally people are starting to know we exsist and enjoying our food!

Bison Burger!

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the latest yummy dish at the restaurant and what I had for dinner... bison!

Burger at SWIL

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things are moving forward at the restaurant. and the reviews are coming in. everyone LOVES the food! the employees are getting the systems down. and word of mouth is starting to spread. officially open for one week now. should have the credit card machine running by Monday. that has been a huge headache! then next priority is BEER! everyone wants some beer with these mouth watering burgers. we have added a bunch of healthy stuff and a veggie burger too. Shawn is listening to the public. we added kids stuff too.

Grand Opening

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Shawn talking to customers at the Grand Opening and Artist Reception.

The Grand Opening of Stuff What I Like was a great success. Despite the rain, lots of friends and family made it out to the opening to greet the artist, Adrien Meredith Hefta, and to congratulate the owners, Cynthia Gaub and Shawn Lloyd.

A delicious and free buffet was served with all of the Micronesian menu staples to sample. Many tried the Spam Fried Rice for the first time and came away loving the taste. Our newest dessert Chocolate Lumpia was unvieled and the newest salad, Grilled Chamorro Chicken Breast Salad with ginger dressing, was a hit. Also taste tested this evening was an item that will be added to the menu soon, our Kelguen Wraps.

A huge thanks to our super supportive family members that drove hours to be there. An even bigger thanks to our great staff, Jon, Rodney and Breana! We couldn't do it without you! Thanks to our local teacher community for joining us along with a lot of great art fans.

I think Shawn put it best on our Facebook page "Grand Opening was an embarassingly huge success !!! Thanks so much to all the kind people who tried our food and gave us so much great feedback! I had no expectation of such a helpful turnout, and am still blushing over the the praise and critquing that we received. This Project and Vision will succeed, and you wonderful people are the reason why. Thanks again!!!"

Adrien looking happy at the Grand Opening and Artist Reception.


The Elusive CP art of the owner by the artist at the Grand Opening.

Adrien posing with her art at the Grand Opening and Artist Reception.

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